The Founder of MZ Skin

Meet Dr Maryam Zamani

I want to introduce you to Dr Maryam Zamani, Oculoplastic Surgeon and creator of MZ Skin, a skincare brand that I swear by!

What made you want to start MZ Skin?

I have always had a love for all things skincare and beauty. In my twenties I spent a lot of time studying, and I looked forward to doing my simple but beautiful skincare routine in the evenings before getting into bed. As I approached my thirties and understood the science, I wanted to have a skincare routine that was effective but again, also beautiful in its experience. I started using doctor led brands but found that they were all created by older white men and did not necessarily address my concerns, or those of my patients. As a young (ish) minority woman and board-certified surgeon, I wanted to create a modern and inclusive product range, backed by science, with clinically proven efficacy that felt beautiful. MZ Skin was born with the three pillars: to Reveal, Enhance and Protect our skin. Like me, I think the consumer wants to use products from someone who has the professional expertise and also understands them.  

When you were younger what did you want to be?   
As the eldest of four children, with both parents in medicine, I think I always knew that I was destined also to go into science and medicine. But I did gravitate to the creative; charcoal and pastels when I was younger, photography in my twenties, and in choosing my subspecialty, again I chose the creative in Oculoplastic Surgery. Having MZ Skin has been the icing on the cake- and I absolutely love creating a conscious, effective and beautiful product range.

What has been your favourite career moment to date?
There have been so many pinch-me moments, but I think that September 2016 when I launched MZ Skin in Harrods, our first retail partner, was a dream. I walked into a totally empty Harrods, traversing its maze-like underground paths, early Monday morning with bags of products before the store opened. My Harrods team guided me to our newly minted MZ Skin display and just like that MZ Skin started its journey.  Later that day I walked through the store with my family and my daughter, who was 5 at the time, proudly telling anyone who would listen, ‘that’s my mommy’s’. It was unforgettable.  And truly every time I walk into a retail partner or browse online with our new e-Commerce partners, my heart beats an extra beat.  

What makes MZ Skin the best of the best?
Understanding what my patients and the consumers need has been essential in curating an efficacious and beautiful feminine brand. My consumer, much like myself, wants to have that no foundation, foundation look which translates into clear skin- clear from acne, pigment, or redness. Most of my clients lead busy, full lives and need products that are simple to use, make them feel beautiful and works for their skin. This means formulations that are backed by science and work synergistically together for results. MZ Skin is all of that and more. We strive for excellence. 

Who is the favourite person you have worked with? 
There are no favourites! I have been fortunate to be surrounded by a supportive group of strong and inspirational women and men and some of my favourite people to work with are in industries completely different. What I do get excited about are collaborations as they bring the creative fun into play. Inspiration comes in all forms.

One of my favourite collaborations has been with MISA LA to create a spa like experience for our clients at home. The limited-edition set featured a beautiful and unique satin robe with an indulgent evening skin care ritual.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
When I was about to embark on my private practice in Washington, DC there were many who told me that I shouldn’t do it, that the area was too saturated.

I asked the advice of my mentor who quite rightly commented that there is always room for one more, and that if you want to do it, you can make it happen.

He was right and I still live by that today; there is always room for everyone to succeed.

Which is your favourite skincare product?
Well, this is a super hard question as I love all my products! I think four products is the minimum that I can narrow it down to. For me, pigmentation is something I suffer from and so I follow the three pillars:

1- Reveal: MZ Skin Cleanse & Clarify to first cleanse and lightly exfoliate the skin with its gentle balance of AHAs.

2- Enhance: Brighten & Perfect is a game changer with its 10% encapsulated Vit C, Azelaic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid to help control melanin production to guard against hyperpigmentation and age spots.

3- Enhance: Soothe and Smooth Eye cream is a must to help bolster collagen product and reduce the appearance of dark circles.

4- Protect: Tint & Protect gives SPF 30 and has a beautiful light sheen to leave skin glowing. 

Who is your ultimate business inspiration?
There are so many fierce women that I admire. My ultimate inspiration comes from the patients and MZ Skin customers. 

What are 3 words to describe yourself?
Depends on who you ask! I would say I am hard working, determined and loyal. 

What are 3 words to describe your brand?
1- Results driven
2- Consciously formulated 
3- Quality

What is the secret to success?
I think it’s a combination of many things: Hard work, perseverance, timing, attitude and a sprinkle of luck. In a consumer led world, however, I think understanding your client and being able to provide them the experience and efficacy at a high calibre is essential for success. 

What advice would you give to future female generations?
Do what is true to your heart, stay focused and surround yourself with a strong group of women. And finally, BELIEVE in yourself, especially in those trying moments that test your resolve.  

What motivates you?
My husband often asks me how I am so motivated too!  I think its ingrained in my need to find purpose. While I like to stay in the background, I also want to be a disruptor, and to push the boundaries for my daughter, and the next generation.  

Which 3 people would make up your dream dinner party? 
1- Our fabulous Queen
2- Estee Lauder
3- Jeff Bezos