The founder of Bardo Collective

Please be introduced to one of my greatest friends Tallulah, who is SO creative, inspiring and has the kindest soul.

What made you want to start Bardo Collective?

I had a brand for nearly ten years that I parted ways with last year. I kind of thought that maybe I wouldn’t do fashion anymore because I was so tied to my last brand emotionally and really grieved selling it.  At the same time though it strangely was no longer Me.  I started it when I was 24 and now I’m 33, so obviously a very different person. I thought that maybe there was something else to try in life. I toyed with the idea of creating a candle brand, which I did, and was covered in wax and scent from head to toe for months!  Or becoming a florist which I’ve always loved doing. But I still was covering my walls with ideas and thinking about what I would do differently for a clothing line. I wanted to create timeless pieces that could be worn by women at any age and that would be pieces you really kept and treasured forever. I wanted to create really effortless pieces that I could imagine wearing in any city or just cosy at home.  I really found myself missing the creative process and so I slowly just started making some pieces that I personally wanted in my wardrobe – like my sets which are my hero pieces. Once I had the samples I couldn’t take them off. Even walking down the street during Covid with no one out – people would yell out a car window asking what I was wearing. The whole thing was really natural and so I assembled a team and started it.  It has been so exciting to have the confirmation that it’s what women were looking for too as the brand took off as soon as we launched. I’m going to sound very LA right now – but I put allot of trust in the universe that things would work out just the way they were meant to. BARDO feels like home to me.

When you were younger what did you want to be?  

I still want to save animals like I did when I was younger as well as to be a writer. I loved fashion too so I figured I would do that, become successful so I could save animals and then write all about my adventures later in life when I have a million stories to tell!  Why not do it all?!

What has been your favourite Bardo moment to date?

Because its so new I feel like every sale is so special and every compliment is so appreciated and makes my heart full. Its scary starting a clothing line and wondering if people will like it – because you are designing for WOMEN not yourself … so truly seeing orders come in from literally ALL over the globe and getting emails just to say how much they love it makes me smile all day.

What makes Bardo the best of the best?

I’m not trying to create anything crazy or be a designer of the year. I’m going backwards and focusing on simplicity so when you make something so simple – you have to have the best fabric, the best sewers, the best finishing, the best fit etc. I don’t have prints and ruffles and fluff to cover any imperfection. So my goal is to make sure that everything is perfect in its simplicity.

Who is the favourite person you have worked with?

My head seamstress/pattern maker. She’s just magic and makes everything I imagine and sketch a reality. She knows exactly what I like – its like she can read my mind.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

That your failures are your most important moments. It's how we learn and grow and remain humble.

Which is your favourite piece from your current collection?

I think they will forever be my sets. The Trevi shirt and Roma trousers. I LIVE in mine and wear them in the office or lounging at home and then go out for dinner in them. If you wear one of the colored sets too people go crazy. Everyone always says “you look so cool and comfortable and confident” and that’s exactly how I feel wearing them.

Who is your ultimate business inspiration?

I look at so many industries and people around me building and am constantly inspired.  I look at artists, designers, writers, philanthropists and everyone has a common thread that they worked hard and believed in their ideas. I guess if I had to pick one person I really adore the late Francesca Sozzani , the ex Italian vogue editor. Her vision and work ethic was like no other. Theres an amazing documentary about her I watch every few months.

What are 3 words to describe yourself?

Curious, Passionate, Confident.

What are 3 words to describe your brand?

Timeless, Effortless, Sexy

What is the secret to success?

There are a few!

  1. Manifesting. You have to imagine yourself and live as though you are already where you want to be. The power of the mind is incredible.
  2. Putting in as much as you want to get back. Shit gets hard but that’s whats makes us tougher and stronger so you have to keep trying.
  3. Picking yourself back up when things fall apart – later those are the stories you tell… failure is part of success. All of the biggest success stories are composed of hard work and many hard moments.
  4. Being a good boss or partner, a polite customer and to treat people with respect and kindness.
  5. Impeccable customer service.

What advice would you give to future female generations?

To learn how to be totally comfortable with being alone. I know this sounds strange but this has been my biggest rock in my life that I had to learn. I feel like once you can conquer being by yourself you kind of become fearless. In terms of relationships, you then attract people that you really truly want to spend your time with.  In terms of your relationship with yourself – you get to know yourself on a very deep level and I feel like this helps guide you to know what you really want and gives you confidence to do so.

What motivates you?

Knowing that we are capable of everything we put our minds to and not having to relying on anyone else but yourself for anything. 

Which 3 people would make up your dream dinner party?

Kurt Cobain, Joan Didion and Sylvia Plath …. I like deep and complicated minds.

What are you grateful for?

I’m grateful for those closest to me and how supportive they are of me.  Having people around you who believe in you is so important – it gives me strength on the days that are tough. 

What is one thing everyone should do?


What are you reading right now?

I read a few books at a time. I’m weird like that. I always read one that’s kind of self helpish because I love learning about better ways to improve ourselves. Right now I’m reading Quit Like a Woman in that genre about drinking less or not at all – its SO fascinating! And then I’m reading Truman Capotes The Complete Stories which is just storytelling at its best.

What is your spirit animal?

A Tiger

What are you most unapologetic for?

Standing up for what I believe in and those that I love.

What is the best aspect of having your own business?

Watching it grow and knowing that everything that comes from it comes from what you put into it…. It's up to you and that’s so exciting. Also very importantly that I can work at any hour and not have someone tell me at what time I need to do what. Or when I can go on holiday. I can’t stand a rigid schedule. Sometimes I have a day off on a Tuesday but work through the weekend or Ill work from 5am – 2pm and then be in my garden for the rest of the day. You never know when creativity sparks and to be a creative you need to have that freedom I think.

What is the hardest part of having your own business?

Not having 5 of my own body and mind to do everything I want to do.

What is something you’re currently working on?

For the first time ever – Wedding dresses! Its so exciting! I’m working with three brides right now. It's such an honor. Apart from that experimenting with winter looks and fabrics and lots and lots of dresses!

What will Bardo look like in 10 years time?

I imagine BARDO to be a brand that is known for its beautiful staple shapes and quality. To always be classic, timeless with a pop of fun.  I hope for it to always feel special and unique. I imagine having beautiful stores around the world ( I still believe in retail!) and that I can travel around visiting them. I don’t want to be some huge mass produced company wholesaling to 100 stores. I want there to always be an experience shopping with us and that I'll have the same customers in ten years as I do now. I built the brand thinking that I would have it forever and that it will grow with me as I age and move through different life phases and still feel relevant.