The Artist Sophie Tea

Meet Sophie Tea

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
You’ve gotta be in it to win it.

What made you want to be an artist?
After I graduated with a business degree I went to India. There was a wall in a hostel with loads of graffiti on it. I was running out of money so I asked the manager if I could paint in exchange for free accommodation. He said yes and it was the first time I’d painted since school. I fell in love and that was that. 

When you were younger what did you want to be?
An artist for sure! I never realised it was possible though because everyone said you can’t make any money and I wanted money, badly. My mum sent me my yearbook pic recently. ‘What do you want to be when you’re older’ I said ‘Moderately Rich’ - HOW CRINGE!!!! 

What has been your favourite personal moment to date?
Personal moment, oooo god I feel like my entire life is work so that’s a nice one. I’d say the most exciting and happiest time is when I get off a plane to see my partner. Sydney to London is a long distance!!!! 

What is the favourite aspect of the creativity of what you do?
Making everything up as I go along. And having a team that are so passionate to bring every crazy idea to life.

Who is your favourite person you have worked with?
Jenna my best mate who founded Shrine. She is literally a creative genius.Who is your ultimate business inspiration?
I LOVE what Grace Beverley is doing with her brands! Damien Hirst, and since watching Goop I’m kinda obsessed with Gwyneth Paltrow.

What artistic trend do you predict will be the biggest in 2020?
Ooo, depends what I decided to do next hey 😉

What are 3 words to describe yourself?

What are 3 words to describe your brand?

What is the secret to success?
Putting in the hours. I honestly believe that the life that you want is there for your taking - you just have to be prepared to do the all nighters. I’m lucky too because I am good with colour. But everything else, I’ve taught myself by locking myself in the studio.What advice would you give to future female generations?
Don’t find excuses to not start NOW. My favourite quote is ‘one day or day one’. The first step is always the hardest because it’s so embarrassing putting yourself out there. Trust me I know. You must learn to have no shame when promoting your business. You MUST believe in your product OR master the art of pretending you do. Because NO ONE, is going to buy something you don’t love more. I’ve really gone on in this section, but to all females thinking of becoming entrepreneurs, PLEASE DO! We need more!!! 

What motivates you?
Recently this has become really very clear to me. I enjoy seeing the glee on my team members faces when they achieve success. We have recently got a shop on Carnaby street and my team are so proud of themselves. Seeing them being fulfilled is a very very pleasant experience for me. So more of that on a global scale!

What are you grateful for?
My beautiful family. My parents come to every single show, my dad hangs the paintings and my mum gets first dibs on the new collection.

What is one thing everyone should do?
Buy a piece of Sophie Tea Art

What are you reading right now?
I don’t read. Like at all. I know it’s bad. I like picture books haha, I just bought myself the YSL haute couture catwalk book.What is your spirit animal?

What are you most unapologetic for?
Walking into posh shops covered in paint and having my Pretty Woman ‘BIG MISTAKE’ moment. Also, not washing my paint brushes and then they go hard and then I have to buy more. I love spending money on brushes. 

What is the best thing about having your own business?
I don’t have an alarm 

What is the hardest thing about having your own business?
I never stop. Ever ever ever. 

What is something you’re currently working on?
Kitting out my Carnaby Street store.

What will your brand look like in 10 years time?
I truly hope it has the same authentic, chaotic culture that it has right now. I’ve been thinking about what’s next a lot recently as I’ve reached my ultimate goal of a London and Sydney store. I’d like the brand to be as recognisable as Dior or Chanel. I know it’s a lot, but 10 years is also a long time!