The Founder of Lawali Life

I am so delighted to introduce you to Alice Law of Lawali Life, who will help you become unstressable!



What made you want to start Lawali Life?

I started Lawali Life after a really tough period in my own life, having experienced extreme stress & loss over a long period of time. 

I lost a sister to cancer & had a lot of other things going on with my family, I had what I call stress in every dimension of my life at once. 

Everything I now speak about & teach clients is what pulled me through those times. When I later lost my Dad to stress related illness in 2019, it truly cemented my mission to want to try help as many people as possible to manage and prevent stress & live in their natural state of calm and happiness.


When you were younger what did you want to be?   

I wanted to be a Fashion Designer, I went to do placements at so many fashion companies after school – Jimmy Choo, Armani, Net-A-Porter… but life had a totally different plan for me and I now can’t imagine doing anything else!


What has been your favourite business moment to date? 

Getting a publishing deal for my book with my amazing Co-Author, Mo Gawdat – which is coming out next year & him saying he would write the book with me.

It’s literally a dream come true for me – I used to read every book I could on these sorts of topics when my sister was ill & I now can’t believe I get to write one myself to try help others through their tough times.


What do you believe makes you stand out from other stress consultants?

My personal experience has allowed me to really understand the different aspects of stress on a different level and from that what truly helps people’s stress & anxiety – a lot of people focus just on the mind, but I am adamant that we need to work on both our mind and energy to see the best results. 

It’s all about combining logic with spirituality when it comes to managing stress & anxiety effectively, you have to look together at the whole picture – Mind, Emotions, Body & Soul.



Who is the favourite person you have worked with? 

Definitely my co-author Mo Gawdat. He’s the Ex Chief Business Officer of Google X and a Happiness Guru, so he’s one of those super rare human beings who is ridiculously intelligent but also equally as emotionally intelligent and wise. You could listen to him for hours. I learn so much from him all the time, in both business and life.


What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

To know & act as if everything in life is borrowed. Then you will truly look after both the things and people you are gifted with and appreciate them more knowing they will all one day have to be returned.


What is your favourite podcast episode to date? 

Episode 19 with Nick Yarris – he was on death row for 22 years for a crime he didn’t commit, for the rape and murder of a woman he had never even met and you can’t understand the level of forgiveness that is possible until you speak to someone like him. His perspective on life from everything he was put through is beyond inspiring and just makes anyone who listens believe we can truly get through anything when we have faith in ourselves.


Who is your ultimate business inspiration?

Oprah for all the things she has done, but mainly with Super Soul Sunday – putting all those amazing teachers and speakers out to the world with their much-needed wisdom on such a great scale!


What are 3 words to describe yourself?

Curious, Calm & Kind


What is the secret to success?

Remembering that life is not linear.


What advice would you give to future female generations?

The only thing that stops you is your own beliefs. So, decide what beliefs are going to get you to create the life you want and don’t falter on them.


What motivates you?

Helping people to feel good again, from really knowing what it’s like to not. When I get the results for a client or people tell me how much a talk has helped them, it’s the best feeling in the world!

And also my Dad and sister Suzanne, knowing that I do what I do because of losing them, is what makes me want to do it even better.


Which 3 people would make up your dream dinner party? 

The Dalai Lama, Jay-Z & Maya Angelou


What are you grateful for?

Having had my Sister and Dad in my life for the time that I got to have them and for all the incredible people I am blessed to still have in my life now.


What is one thing everyone should do?

Get to know themselves on a soul level. When you can do that everything changes.


What are you reading right now?

I always end up reading a few books at the same time for some reason –  right now I’m reading Karma by Sahdguru, Scary Smart by Mo Gawdat &  Women who run with wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

I should really read a novel again one of these days



What is your spirit animal?

I don’t have a set spirit animal but it would probably be a big cat, lion with the mane because of my hair!  I have a spiritual sign when asking for guidance which is a Frog.


What are you most unapologetic for? 

Sharing my story to help others through their own.


What is the best aspect of having your own business?

The freedom it brings to be creative and really do something you love. You can’t put a price on doing something that you feel is your true purpose in life!


What is the hardest part of having your own business?

The rejections you have to go through and not taking them to heart.


What is something you’re currently working on?

Finishing my book & then we will be creating the digital course off the back of it, which I am really excited about!

And I’m currently re-launching my monthly membership with a totally unique new meditation method that allows people to get the benefits of Reiki from just listening to the audios! It’s giving people meditations that work on their energy and mind at the same time and I am really excited about the feedback so far!


Where will you be in 10 years time? 

Writing more books and giving talks on them around the world. With a family of my own.