How to Layer...

How to layer necklaces

Follow our guide to build your perfect neckline.

1 - Rule of three

Jewellery in trios create balance and are visually more appealing in a set of three.

2 - Lengths

Ensure your chains differ in size, so they layer in tiers and don’t stack upon one another.

3 - Depth

Add a deep necklace, this will finish off your trio delicately as it falls between the bust.

4 - Metals

Stick to one or two metals, layering necklaces generally works best with all the same metal. But if you want to add another metal, this is best done with the middle necklace to keep your look balanced. 

5 - Weights

Choose your heaviest necklace as your tightest and something delicate for your longest.

6 - Styles

Mix it up, every layer can bring a different element;

Link chain - heavy and bold, focal point: metal.

Tennis - bright and colourful, focal point: stones.

Pendant - simple and dainty, focal point: pendant.